Track: Holocene (+rain)
Artist: Bon Iver
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Holocene (With Thunderstorm)  by Bon Iver.

This is so beautiful I’m crying

p e r f e c t i o n



Hands touching the faces of riders drawn on the moving New York City subway trains. by Gregory Muenzen

Track: Dreamin (Acoustic)
Artist: Mac DeMarco
Album: Konbini Acoustic Session
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Someday I’ll find her
And I’m still reminded
Maybe she’s best in dreams
She’s still the best I’ve seen

The Graduate (Mike Nichols, 1967)


Annie Clark, St. Vincent

Photographed by Winnie Au

Tig has this really beautiful sound on stage, she has this way of dropping her jokes, that are wonderful, deadly jokes and they’re about small things, like bees and drapes, but they’re incredible. So here she is applying it to something really big and it was like an example of what comedy can do. It was an incredible example of what comedy is good at, which is taking people to the scary parts of their mind and making them laugh in those scary places, that’s a great gift.


Ask a Grown Woman: Tig Notaro

“You’re great. We’re all great.” Plus more words to live by from one of our favorite comedians/writers/geniuses.


Iceland, I miss you already.